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Aman Bajaj

Aman Bajaj

Location: Auckland, New Zealand   |  Height: 178 cm   |  Hair Colour: Black   |  Eye Colour: Brown   |  Ethnicity: Indian / Mixed Ethnicity
He / Him

2021  NZ International Comedy Festival Nominated: Best New Comer
2015  Short + Sweet Festival Award: Best Emerging Artist The Wallace Foundation

Feature Film
2024  The Moon is Upside Down Role: Lincoln Miss Conception Films / Escapade Pictures -  Director: Loren Taylor
Vendetta Films -  Producers: Philippa Campbell & Georgina Conder

Short Film
2022  A Guide to Becoming a Detective Role: Frank Dreamer Film -  Director: Beyond Wen
New Zealand Film Commission -  Producer: Beyond Wen

2022  Boom Shankar [pilot] Role: Manohar [co-lead] Pan- Asian Creen Collective -  Director: Bala Murali Shingade
NZ on Air -  Producers: Porvi Fomra, Maria Tanner & Gayatri Adi
2019  Hi-Vis Heroes Role: Mick [co lead] HJW Productions -  Director: Hayden J Weal
2018  D Brief - Should New Zealand ban rodeo? Role: Presenter & writer Radio New Zealand -  Producer: Myles Thomas

2023  Boom Shankar Role: Murray [co-lead] Agaram Productions -  Director: Ahi Karunaharah
Q Theatre -  Producer: Gayatri Adi
2021  Boom Shankar Role: Murray NZ International Comedy Festival
2021  Things That Matter Workshop Role: Doctor Auckland Theatre Company -  Director: Anapela Polata'ivao
2019  A Fine Balance Role: Rajaram & Potency Peddler Auckland Theatre Company -  Director: Ahi Karunaharan
2018  Dara Role: Prosecutor Talib Prayas -  Director: Amit Ohdedar & Sananda Chatterjee
2017  Manpreet's Spicy Emporium Role: Manpreet Singh Ahluvalia Short + Sweet Theatre -  Director: Tim Booth & Aman Bajaj
2017  Meet the Fakas Role: Engelbert Faka Directors: Leki Jackson-Bourke & Maree Webster
2015  A.I. East Role: Lead Short + Sweet Festival -  Director: Thomas Sainsbury
2014  Section 377 - Mumbai Monologues Role: Faisal [lead] Agaram Productions -  Directors: Ahi Karunaharan & Padma Akula
2012  Imperfectly Frank Role: Frank Short + Sweet Festival -  Director: Alex Lee
2011  The Foreign Monologues Role: A.J East Fingerprints and Teeth Productions -  Director: Thomas Sainsbury
2011  Tigerplay Role: Zookeeper ATC Young & Hungry Festival -  Director: Jackie van Beek
2010  Hotel Role: Sukdip Fingerprints and Teeth Productions -  Director: Thomas Sainsbury
2010  Misplaced Role: Worker Stage Two Productions -  Director: Cam Nealie

TV Commercial
2022  Balter - Australia Role: Deadpan Guy Deloitte Digital -  Producer: Phil Liefting
Good Oil Films -  Director: Dave Wood

2021 - 2020  Fresh Crop: New & Emerging Acting Course Initiative by PASC and PAT
2021  US Accent Training Tutor: Jacque Drew

Accents Indian, Middle Eastern
Languages Hindi
Sports Cycling, Golf, Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming, Diving » PADI Certified Advanced Diver

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