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Reviving New Zealand's Screen Industry

As the New Zealand screen industry faces economic challenges exacerbated by the rise of international streaming services, the call for levies on major platforms emerges as a viable solution. The proposal aligns with the industry's pursuit of financial sustainability and the preservation of New Zealand's cultural identity on the global screen stage.

15 Nov, 2023 Read more
Striking Actors and Hollywood Studios Almost have an Approved Deal

With union members yet to approve the deal, an agreement to end one of the longest labour strikes in the history of the industry may be reached.

09 Nov, 2023 Read more
Collaborate Management's Dynamic Celebrity Chef Portfolio

Collaborate Management's exceptional portfolio of New Zealand's celebrity chefs represents a fusion of talent, innovation, and influence.

26 Sep, 2023 Read more
Levi Hawken: Bridging the Gap Between Art and Skateboarding

Levi's unique ability to bridge the worlds of art and skateboarding, both in physical and digital content creation spaces, makes him a dynamic and influential figure in today's creative landscape.

18 Sep, 2023 Read more

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