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Rhys Huber

Rhys Huber

Location: Auckland, New Zealand   |  Height: 178 cm   |  Hair Colour: Brown   |  Eye Colour: Blue   |  Ethnicity: European
Him / He

Feature Film
2010  Green Zone Role: Background Artist StudioCanal -  Director: Paul Greengrass
Producer: Tim Bevan
2009  In the Loop Role: Featured Extra BBC Films -  Director: Armando Iannucci
Producer: Kevin Loader
2004  The Life Role: Student Canadian Television -  Director: Lynne Stopkewich
Producer: Lynn Barr
1998  Golf Punks Role: Billy [lead] Shavick Entertainment -  Director: Harvey Frost
Producer: Rosanne Milliken
1996  Homeward Bound II : Lost in San Francisco Role: Boy Walt Disney Pictures -  Director: David R. Ellis
Producer: Gena Desclos
1995  Circumstances Unknown Role: John Reushel Paramount Pictures -  Director: Robert Michael Lewis
Writer: Jonellen Heckler
1995  Once in a Blue Moon Role: Bernie Hannerfen Ark Films -  Director: Philip Spink
Producer: Jane Charles
1994  The Disappearance of Vonnie Role: Boy Morrow-Heus Productions  -  Director: Graeme Campbell
Producer: Richard Heus
1993  The Only Way Out Role: Max Berger Queen Productions -  Director: Rod Hardy
Producer: Ilene Amy Berg

2021  Mr Corman Role: Junior Executive A24 Films -  Director: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Apple TV -  Producer: Pamela Harvey-White
2002  Just Deal Role: William Lynch Entertainment -  Director: William Gereghty
Producer: Kelly Senecal
1998  The Addams Family Role: Tim Fox Family Channel -  Director: Mark Jean
Producer: Rosanne Milliken
1995  The X-Files Role: Little Boy Ten Thirteen Prodcutions -  Director: David Nutter
Producer: Rob Bowman
1993  The X-Files Role: Tren [Scully's Godson] Ten Thirteen Productions -  Director: Joe Napolitano
Producer: Chris Carter

Accents American, Canadian, German
Languages French » Basic, German » Intermediate
Other Cooking, Self-Testing - Excellent
Sports Athletics, Badminton, Baseball, Boxing, Crossfit, Golf, Hockey, Horse Riding, Ice Skating, Rollerblading, Rowing, Running, Swimming, Volleyball

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