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Emily Hurley

Emily Hurley

Location: Auckland, New Zealand   |  Height: 169 cm   |  Hair Colour: Brown   |  Eye Colour: Brown   |  Ethnicity: European
They / Them/ She / Her

Short Film
2017  White Chairs Role: Emily Sao Paolo Film Festival -  Director: Reza Dormishian
2015  Nine Lives Role: Diana Director: Kyan Krumdiek

2022  Kill Puppet Bill Role: Puppeteer, Ansamble Auckland Fringe Festival -  Director: Jon Coddington
2022  The Judas Sheep Role: Emily Horrell Lunar Collaborative -  Director: Grace Augustine
Dramaturg: Daniel Goodwin
2022  The Wedding Role: The Maid A Fools Company -  Director: Grace Augustine
2020  Dreams Co Director ATC Summer School
2020  Lunar State Creator & Actor Auckland Fringe Festival
2019  Heatwave Role: Moe The Basement Theatre -  Director: Grace Augustine
2019  Lunar State Role: Jean val Jean, Blaime Bloliver and Ensemble Corban Estate -  Director: Kate Parker
2019  Lunar State Role: Creator & Actor Ranagtahi Festival -  Director: Kate Parker
2019  Nikos New Phone Role: Susan Netsafe Cyber Safety -  Director: Chris Rex
2019  Watch Party Role: Deviser & Actor ATC Here and Now Festival -  Director: Binge Culture
2018  Love Labours Lost Role: Moth and Maria Unitec -  Director: Rita Stone
2018  Lunar State Roles: Jean val Jean, Blaime Bloliver and Ensemble Unitec -  Director: Kate Parker
2017  Quick – Fix Role: lead Unitec -  Director: Emily Hurley
2017  The Laramie Project Role: Dr Cantway and Rebecca Hiliker Unitec -  Director: Alexandra Whitam
2015  An Actors Nightmare Role: Sarah Siddons [lead] Hagley Theatre Company -  Director: Cameron Mattox
2015  Hamlet Role: Hamlet DRAMASOC -  Director: Tegan Rae
2014  Brutus Role: Brutus SGCNZ, Young Shakespeare Company -  Director: Timothy Walker
2013  Cymbeline Role: Imogen National Shakespeare School -  Director: Stuart Deveenie
2013  Much Ado About Nothing Role: Hero Boathouse Repertory Theatre -  Director: Pam Logan

TV Commercial
2022  FMG Partners In Progress Role: Bee Keeper 2 BCG2

2020  Screen Acting Course Tutors: Liz Mullane & Rachel Bullock
2019  Masterclass Tutor: Elena Stejko Elena Stejko Actor's Studio
2017  BA in Performing and Screen Arts Tutor: Various Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland
2017  Stage Fighting Class Tutor: Alexander Holloway
2017  Viewpoints Technique Weekend Intensive Tutor: Tina Mitchell
2015  Certificate in Theatre Tutor: Various Hagley Theatre Company
2013 - 2014  Singing Lessons Tutor: Con O’Brian

Accents American - Standard, English - Cockney, English - RP
Other Stage Fighting
Singing Mezzo Soprano, Musical Theatre
Sports Horse Riding, Netball, Running, Surfing, Swimming, Yoga

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