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Angela Berrill

Angela Berrill

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Angela is committed to bringing nutrition back to basics. Her passion for health and nutrition with a no-frills attitude is empowering and refreshing.

Angela is a Registered Dietitian and nutritionist, who regularly shares her nutrition expertise with the media. With highly sought after knowledge, Angela’s been the nutrition expert for many TV shows and contributed to a number of the country’s leading publications over the years. Most notably, she was the Dietitian in Season One of ‘Eat Well For Less New Zealand’, and a regular contributor and nutrition expert on the Paul Henry Show, the AM Show, Breakfast New Zealand, Target and What's Really in our Food?

Due to her strong media skills and passion for raising the awareness of dietitians and credible nutrition information in the media, Angela was the inaugural winner of the Dietetic Communicators Award from Network Communication in 2018.  The award was developed by Network’s specialist food communications arm The FoodGroup, to help highlight the important role Dietitians play in getting evidence-based messages into the public arena and to help to overcome the often-conflicting dietary advice shared in the media.

Angela brings the gentle message of wellness, through eating what makes you feel good, what’s enjoyable and in the meantime nurturing the body, “I don’t believe in diets… eat food you enjoy, there are no rules, other than to listen to your body.” She practises this philosophy daily. The respected dietitian and nutritionist loves a good gooey caramel chocolate slice and happily replaces cereal, with 100% peanut butter on wholegrain toast, when the house is out of milk.

Alongside running her private practice and consultancy business, Angela and husband raise two boys. Angela’s busy adding improvements to her life. She has a goal, "to be there to see my kids thrive and become adult and to live the best life I can.’ How?“ by eating well, being active and enjoying all of the simple pleasures life has to offer. Life is for living the best life we can’" Right now Angela is about change, about growth, and about doing it with attitude. 

With a growing team of dietitians, located around New Zealand, when not on TV promoting dietary freedom and calming the latest diet fad or nutritional claim, she’s writing and building an expanding following. Operating at such a high level is fun but demanding, as putting herself out there still requires deep breaths and calm. Angela holds Bachelors’ degrees majoring in Human Nutrition and Marketing Management, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics from the University of Otago. With extensive experience in food and nutrition, Angela is interested in helping people find the right balance to suit their needs and lifestyle.

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Speaking Topics Nutrition, Well-being

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