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Levi Hawken

Levi Hawken

Location: Auckland, New Zealand   |  Height: 179 cm   |  Hair Colour: Shaved / Bald   |  Eye Colour: Blue   |  Ethnicity: European
He / Him

Battling it out between making art available for the general public or being locked away behind a gallery, you’ll find artist Levi Hawken in his west Auckland converted warehouse [previously the studio to artists Weston Frizzell], creating beautiful works of art, capturing the dichotomy between a banal street corner and the beauty of fine art.  Levi blends elements of graffiti/street art, skateboarding, popular culture, and contemporary design to create visually stunning pieces that resonate with a diverse audience.

With a hawk eye for aesthetics, Levi draws inspiration from his surroundings, and has evolved from studying art, art history and photography through his schooling to then applying it to graffiti in outdoor public spaces and finally moving on to in-the-studio and gallery, bringing the ‘outside-in’ for longevity, “keepsakes of the art that once was” as he says. 

As a professional skateboarder, Levi's passion for the sport has served as a foundation for his artistic endeavours. His dynamic and fluid style on the skateboard reflects his creative spirit, as he effortlessly merges technical skill with a distinct artistic flair. Levi's talent and dedication have earned him recognition within the skateboarding community, and he continues to push boundaries and inspire others through his innovative approach.

Levi's artistic talents extend beyond traditional mediums, as he has also made a significant impact in the digital realm. Through his engaging online presence and captivating content, he has amassed a dedicated following across various social media platforms. Levi's ability to connect with his audience and share his creative process has not only garnered him a loyal fanbase but has also opened doors for exciting collaborations and opportunities.

Levi's artistic contributions have been widely recognized, and his work has been exhibited in galleries and events both domestically and internationally. His passion for his craft, coupled with his innate ability to connect with people, has made him a sought-after collaborator for brands and fellow creatives alike.

One of Levi's notable achievements is his creation of the popular video meme titled "Nek Minute." This groundbreaking video clip and spin off skits showcase his ability to weave together skateboarding, storytelling, and humour into short, impactful videos that have gained viral success. Through "Nek Minute," Levi has become a household name in New Zealand and beyond, with his unique catchphrase becoming synonymous with his brand and creative vision.

With an unwavering commitment to his artistic vision and a drive to continually innovate, Levi Hawken continues to make waves in the art, skateboarding, and content creation worlds. Through his captivating artwork, dynamic skateboarding, and engaging online presence, he leaves an indelible mark on the cultural landscape, inspiring others to embrace their passions and explore new horizons.

Other Animal Lover, Art, Drawing, Graffiti Artist, Life Drawing, Painting, Sculpting
Sports Skateboarding

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