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Hamish Insley

Hamish Insley

Location: Auckland, New Zealand   |  Height: 185 cm   |  Hair Colour: Brown   |  Eye Colour: Hazel   |  Ethnicity: European
He / Him

Hamish Insley is a promising young actor who has been shaping his career after graduating with the Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts (Acting) from Unitec. Under the tutelage of Unitec's leading professionals, he has explored various acting techniques, dance, singing, and accent training, marking his entry into the industry with roles in television, short films, web series, and feature films. Dedicated to continuous training and working on his craft, Hamish is passionate about sports, skateboarding, surfing, football, and maintaining a high level of health and fitness. This combination of artistic talent and athletic ability highlights his versatility and commitment to personal and professional growth

Feature Film
2021  Cook Nga Pouwhenua Role: Soldier Te Kotukutuku Limited -  Directors: Mario Gaoa & Miki Magasiva

2022  The Alphabet Mafia Role: Christopher 1100 Productions

Short Film
2020  I've Just Found You Role: Travis Unitec -  Director: Will Wallace
2019  Boys at the Bar Role: Alex Unitec -  Director: Gerald Chan
2019  The Hand that is Dealt Role: Clint Unitec -  Director: Amelia Jacobson
2018  Studio One Role: Jesse Unitec -  Director: Paolo Rotondo

2020  Shelf Life Role: Adam Unitec -  Directors: Various

2020  Love Labour's Lost Role: Berowne Unitec -  Director: Paul Gittens
2019  Boys will be Boys Role: Arthur Beale Unitec -  Director: Shane Bosher
2019  Richard 3rd Role: Richard Unitec -  Director: Elizabeth Hawthorne
2018  A Doll's House Role: Doctor Rank Unitec -  Director: Elizabeth Hawthorne

2022  Audition Preparation Tutor: Harriett Maire Good Egg Casting
2022 - 2024  The Actor's Studio Tutor: Elena Stejko
2022 - 2024  Unmasking Tutor: Jon Hunter The Radical Actor
2021  Audition Preparation Tutor: Elena Stejko The Actor's Studio
2021  Beginners Screen Workshop Tutors: Rachel Bullock, Liz Mullane
2020  Audition Workshop Tutor: Stu Turner Catch Casting
2020 - 2022  Embodying Screen Techniques Tutor: Miranda Harcourt
2019  Shortland Street Auditions Workshop Tutor: Matt Dwyer
2019  Standard American Accent Workshop Tutor: Jacque Drew
2018 - 2020  Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts Tutor: Various Unitec
2018  Different Every Night Tutor: Elizabeth Hawthorne
2018 - 2020  Mask and Improvisation Tutor: Pedro Ilgenfritz
2018 - 2020  Singing Tutors: Rebecca Wright, Michael Murphy
2018 - 2020  Voice Text and Technique Tutor: Alexandra Whitham

Accents American - Standard, Australian
Instruments Piano
Sports Badminton, Cricket, Fishing, Golf, Netball, Rugby, Skateboarding, Squash, Surfing, Tennis, Touch Rugby

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