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Travis Allan

Travis Allan

Location: Auckland,   |  Height: 186 cm   |  Hair Colour: Brown   |  Eye Colour: Brown   |  Ethnicity: European

2023  The Importance of Being Ernest Role: Dr Chasuble South Seas Film School -  Director: Various
2021  Catch Me if You Can Role: Frank Abagnale Sr High School Production

2023  Stunt Fighting Tutor: Ke-ung Mee
2022 - 2023  Audition Masterclass Tutor: Claire Dougan South Seas Film School
2022 - 2023  Clowning and Neutral Mask Tutor: Ben Crowder South Seas Film School
2022  Fire Burns Workshops Tutor: Various NZ Stunt School
2022 - 2023  Improvisation Tutor: Michael Hockey South Seas Film School
2022 - 2023  Scene Study Tutors: Jamie Irvine South Seas Film School
2022 - 2023  Screen Technique Tutor: David Fane South Seas Film School
2021  Fight for Camera Tutors: Various NZ stunt School

Accents American, Australian, English - RP
Dance Hip Hop
Languages Mandarin
Other Stunts, Theatre Sports
Singing Vocalist
Sports Fencing, Martial Arts, Snorkelling, Soccer / Football, Swimming

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