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Iana Grace

Iana Grace

Location: Auckland, New Zealand   |  Height: 170 cm   |  Hair Colour: Brown   |  Eye Colour: Brown   |  Ethnicity: European / Mixed Ethnicity / Pacific Islander / Samoan
Any / All

Passionate, popular and truly potent, Iana Grace is all about sisters doing it for themselves. This girl’s got gumption and isn’t afraid to speak out on behalf of those silently struggling, especially in the mental health arena. It’s hardly a surprise then that her childhood hero is Jupiter from Sailor Moon, part of the mah shojo world whose characters value female friendship, confidence, strength, and independence. Somewhat conversely, it’s a very femme world, one ripe with cosplay opportunities for short pastel skirts, big eyes and even bigger pigtails, things Iana unapologetically enjoys. But, spend any time with her and it’s clear there’s room in her life for the domestic and cute as well as being a bad ass. She grew up believing she could have it all and her talent and determination have meant she really has got it all. It’s a great message and her followers respond enthusiastically to it – you can be both – be brave, bold and beautiful. What’s more, you can do it on your own terms, Prince Charming can stay home.
While it’s her turn as a troubled teen on New Zealand’s most popular TV show that has people still stopping her on the street for autographs, it’s theatre that fills Iana’s cup. But watch any of her online content and it won’t take long to spot her other passions at play. She’s all food, family and fur babies. Iana loves food, but don’t expect to buy her recipe book any time soon. Her love for food is about talking and experiencing it, preferably by eating, a lot. Or rather, eating a lot of plant-based food. This animal lover puts her conviction where her mouth is and she’s been vegan for a good quarter of her life. Put a cat in her lap and she’ll likely curl up with it.
She loves the opportunity to travel home to Samoa to visit family, but Iana admits she feels most at home in the city. The noise and movement of people keeps her energised. She’s always needed the hustle and crush of heartfelt conversation and now she’s making a life out of bringing those conversations to life for thousands.

2019 - 2022  Shortland Street Role: Sophia King [core cast] South Pacific Pictures -  Directors: Various
TVNZ -  Producer: Maxine Fleming
2017  Shannara Chronicles [season 2] Role: Blackwatch Guard MTV New Zealand Ltd -  Director: James Marshall

2016  All Bi Myself Role: Mia [lead] The University of Auckland -  Director: Elana Tkatch

2022  The Maid's Tragedy Role: Evadne Gloriana Productions -  Director: Caleb Wells
Producer: Iana Grace
2017  The Faustus Project Role: Ensemble Stray Theatre Company -  Director: Caleb Wells
2016  ProcrasDANation Role: Maui Stray Theatre Company -  Director: Gary Hofman and Irene Corbett
2016  Shoulda Woulda Coulda Role: Ensemble Auckland Theatre Company -  Director: Ahi Karunaharan
2016  The Revenger's Tragedy Role: Vindice [lead] Stray Theatre Company -  Director: Caleb Wells
2015  It's All About Me Role: Ensemble Theatre of Love & Stage Two Productions
2014  Rainbows & Cobwebs Role: Iris The Legacy Project -  Director: Joni-Ann Nelson
2013  Like There's No Tomorrow Role: Willow [lead] The Playground Collective -  Directors: Eleanor Bishop & Robin Kerr
2012  Winter's Tale Role: Perdita [lead] Rangitoto Senior Shakespeare

2015  Trinity Speech and Drama Achieved: Grade 8 Tutor: Holly Shervey
2013  Acting Shakespeare Tutor: Patrick Davies National Youth Drama School

Accents American - Southern , American - Standard, English - Cockney, Māori, New York [Brooklyn], Pacific Island
Dance Irish
Languages Japanese » Basic
Other Brand Ambassador, Industry Spokesperson, Public Speaker
Singing Alto

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