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Kat Glass

Kat Glass

Location: Auckland, New Zealand   |  Height: 173 cm   |  Hair Colour: Brown   |  Eye Colour: Brown   |  Ethnicity: European
They / Them/ She / Her

Kat is hearing impaired and a hearing aid user.

2021  Alone Award: SYNZ Tour Ready Award New Zealand Fringe Festival
2020  Alone Award: Best Theatre Award Auckland Fringe Festival
2020  Alone Award: PANNZ Tour Ready Award Auckland Fringe Festival

Feature Film
2016  Jean Role: Receptionist Lippy Pictures -  Director: Robert Sarkies
2013  Destina Role: Missy [supporting] Authenticity Productions Limited -  Director: Penehamine Netana-Patuawa
2013  The Dying Eye Role: Elizabeth [supporting] Meditz Productions -  Director: Shiphrah Meditz

2018  You're a Wizard Kevin [web series] Role: Wendy Atkins Media -  Directors: James & Kris Atkins
2015  Shortland Street Role: Abby Fuller South Pacific Pictures -  Director: Geoff Cawthorn
Producer: Simon Bennett
2014  Kevin's Journey Role: First Girlfriend [supporting] Brothers in Crime & Atkins Media -  Directors: James & Kris Atkins

Short Film
2021  Goddesses of the Night Role: Cultist Pickle Thugs -  Director: Calvin Sang
2020  My Wife the Pirate Role: Florence [lead] VF48Hours Lockdown -  Directors: Kat Glass & Luke Thornborough
2017  Leave No Trace - Seven Principles Role: Puppeteer Gainsborough Films -  Director: Luke Thornborough
2017  Right? Role: M [lead] Director: Kat Glass & Luke Thornborough
2016  Numb Role: Anna [lead] Wild Boy Productions -  Director: Luke Thornborough
2016  Value Role: Hannah Gainsborough Films & Wild Boy -  Director: Luke Thornborough
2015  10 Tips for a Healthy Relationship Role: Police Officer Gainsborough Productions -  Director: Adam King
2015  Closed Role: Mel Tuesday Best -  Director: Petra Cibilich
2015  Eater Role: Sally [lead] TropFest 2016 -  Director: Nick Swinglehurst
2015  K Road Stories: She's a Victim Role: Mel [lead] Director: Petra Cibilich
2015  Pass the Berocca Role: Kat [lead] Atkins Media -  Director: James and Kris Atkins
2014  Barriers Role: Anna Fish 'n Clips -  Director: Petra Cibilich
2012  28 Degrees in Prague Role: Sarah [lead] Director: Ngaio Abrahamson
2012  Illusionist Role: [lead] J. Parker Photography -  Director: Jennifer Parker
2012  The Graveyard Role: Rebecca [lead] Atkins Media -  Director: Kris Atkins
2011  Illusion Role: Sophia & Frankie [lead] Extreme Emotions Productions -  Director: Lauren Billingham

2023  The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch Roles: Mrs Grinling / Seagull / Others Tim Bray Theatre Company
2022  Badjelly the Witch Role: Dinglemouse, Binkle-Bonk Tim Bray Theatre Company -  Director: Tim Bray
2022  The Whale Rider Role: Nani Flowers & others Tim Bray Theatre Company -  Director: Tim Bray
2021  A Lion in the Meadow Role: Mum Tim Bray Theatre Company -  Director: Tim Bray
2020 - 2023  Alone Role: Dr Sarah Taylor Dusty Room Productions -  Director: Luke Thornborough
Toured in New Zealand and Australia
2020  Greedy Cat Role: Mum / Aunt Ann Tim Bray Theatre Company -  Director: Tim Bray
2019  The Man Whose Mother was a Pirate Role: Pirate Mother [lead] Tim Bray Theatre Company  -  Director: Tim Bray
2018  The First Time Role: Jess Director: Stephanie Fink
2018  The Great White Man-Eating Shark & Other Stories Role: Emily, Courtney & Others Tim Bray Productions -  Director: Tim Bray
2018  The Madonna's Mule Role: Conchita Pinto Galatea Theatre -  Director: Geoff Allen
2017  Interoception Role: Fear/Tara Director: Dawn Glover
2017  Proof Role: Claire North Island Tour -  Director: Chris Martin
2016  Women with Swords Role: Sabine Director: Geoff Allen
2015  Negative Space Role: Person [lead] The Legacy Project -  Director: Luke Thornborough
2015  V.D. - Solo Woman Role: Sophie Director: Fiona Keith-Kirk
2014  Rainbows and Cobwebs Role: Willow [lead] The Legacy Project -  Director: Joni Nelson
2014  The Collector Role: Miranda Grey [lead] Wild Boy Productions -  Director: Luke Thornborough
2013  Sisterly Love Role: Various [lead] Still Life Moving Fast Productions -  Director: Jesse Hilford
2013  The Uncertainty Principle Role: Jess [lead] READ RAW -  Director: Tony Forster
2013  Vinegar Tom - Birth/ Death Role: Goody Don't Blink Theatre Company -  Director: Andrew Parker
2013  WOMAN: A Collection of Absurdist Monologues Role: Woman [lead] I'm Not Content Productions -  Director: Ashton Brown
2012  All My Clients are Lonely - Love is a Street Fight Role: Chelsea [lead] I'm Not Content Productions -  Director: Tom Kane
2012  All My Dreams Are Nightmares Role: Laura [lead] I'm Not Content Productions -  Director: Ashton Brown
2012  Bucket Boy Role: Rebekah [lead] I'm Not Content Productions -  Director: Luke Thornborough
2012  Inviting Caroline Role: Caroline [lead] Artizen Productions -  Director: Chris Tan
2012  The Glasgow Arms Role: Beth [lead] READ RAW -  Director: Tony Forster
2012  The Last Letter Role: Clear Murphy [lead] Director: Andrew Parker
2011  Fractured - Mix Tape: Side B Role: Ima [lead] Stage 2 Productions -  Director: Lucy Smith
2011  Want - Mix Tape: Side A Role: Sylvia [lead] Stage 2 Productions -  Director: Lucinda Bennett

Live Performance
2014  Dark Mondays Role: MC
2014  Sorry Not Sorry Role: Self [guest speaker] The Watercooler

TV Commercial
2022  Don't live Pointlessly - Air New Zealand Airpoints Role: Watercooler Woman Good Oil -  Air New Zealand
2015  2 Degrees Role: Cat Person Special Group -  Director: Taika Waititi

2022  Emerging Producers Intensive Tutor: Sue Maslin, Charlotte Seymour Woman In Film and Television -  New Zealand Film Commission
2021  Screen Acting Tutor: Liz Mullane, Rachel Bullock
2020  Screen Naturalism Tutor: Miranda Harcourt Actors Equity Workshop
2019  Performing in the Intimate Zone Masterclass Tutor: Jennifer Ward-Lealand Actors Equity
2017  Acting Masterclass Tutor: Robert Sarkies Actors Equity New Zealand
2017  American Accent Training [5 week course] Tutor: Jacque Drew
2017  Fighting with a Sword and Shield Tutor: Alexander Holloway The New Zealand Stage Combat School
2017  Getting in the Zone: Acting Masterclass Tutor: Cameron Rhodes
2017  Physical Theatre and Devising Workshop Tutor: Sam Scott Massive Theatre Company
2017  Prep for Pilot - Screen Auditioning Tutors: Matt & Mike Dwyer Barefoot Casting
2017  The Rehearsal Room Tutor: Jeff Szusterman DEGNZ/Actors Equity
2015 - 2012  Bachelor of Arts Major: Drama The University of Auckland
2011  Acting Techniques Tutor: Anna Marborrok

Music Video
2015  'Bitter Earth' - 71 Sunset Role: Dancer [lead] AAA Productions -  Director: TeMatera Smith
2015  'Funk' - 71 Sunset Role: Hero AAA Productions -  Matt Smith
2014  'Never After' - This Flight Tonight Role: Girlfriend [lead]
2014  'Would You Know If I Left' - Chris Halkyard Role: Woman in Bar Luke Thornborough
2013  'Secret' - Bang Bang Eche Role: Ex-Girlfriend [lead] Little White Pictures
2012  'Heaven' - Pop Strangers Role: Cult Member Filth Collective -  Luke McPake

Accents English » Received Pronunciation
Dance Contemporary, Jazz
Languages French
Other MC Events & Conferences, Modelling, Photography, Voiceovers
Sports Hockey, Rollerblading

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