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Kayla Cache

Kayla Cache

Location: Auckland,   |  Height: 155 cm   |  Hair Colour: Red   |  Eye Colour: Blue   |  Ethnicity: European

Kayla is a young actor, director, hip-hop dancer, and choreographer who is already making her mark in the NZ entertainment industry. Kayla is continually refining her skills and fearlessly exploring new avenues to quietly carve her unique path.

2023  Dance NZ Made Competition Hip Hop Dancer 1st Place Junior Duo

2024  Welcome to Kikino Role: Emily Pouwhare Director: Dawn Glover
2023  Dear My Mothers (SBS - Korea) Role: Kayla Director: DJ Huntaway

Short Film
2024  Garden Cops Role: Cove Director: James Stannard
2024  Peek-A-Boo Role: The Ghost Director: Keyur Desai
2024  The Y.L.A Role: Cindy Director: Paige Larianova & Kayla
2023  PlayBack Role: Young Mia Director: Jordan Edwards
2023  Speech Day Role: Dance Instructor Director: Kayla Cache
2023  That's Offensive Role: Daiza Director: Matt Hicks
2022  Microcosm-Macrocosm Role: Freckles Director: Fraser Chatham
2022  No Refunds Role: Kayla Director: James Stannard
2022  No Woman No Child No Cry Role: Kayla Director: Arun Jacob
2022  Shady Transactions Role: Natalie Director: James Stannard

2024  Kea Kids Role: News Reporter Director: Luke Nola
2023  Kea Kids News Role: News Reporter Director: Zac O'Meagher
2022 - 2023  Dr Who [Fan Series, Voice] Role: Anna Carson Director: Eamon Longmann

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