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Seb Gower

Seb Gower

Location: Auckland, New Zealand   |  Height: 178 cm   |  Hair Colour: Brown   |  Eye Colour: Brown   |  Ethnicity: European
He / Him

Seb Gower, an influential artist distinguished by his distinctive vision, is steadfastly dedicated to infusing vitality into existence and forging profound connections through his evocative artworks. Originating from the tranquil rural expanse of Te Awamutu in New Zealand, Seb's journey embodies an unwavering resolve and an innovative artistic spirit.

Emerging from a heritage of diligent farmers, Seb charted an unconventional trajectory that guided him toward the realm of art. Guided by his father's aviation expertise and enlightened by the wisdom of his exceptionally gifted mother, he embarked on a transformative expedition that would definitively mould his destiny.

Departing from generations steeped in agricultural tradition, Seb embarked on a passionate exploration of emotions, human bonds, and the transformative power of canvas and brush.

Educational pursuits led Seb to Massey University in Wellington, where he diligently pursued a degree in Fine Arts. While his academic journey eventually culminated in a dual degree in Philosophy and Art History from the University of Otago.

In the course of his voyage, Seb chanced upon an unfiltered, authentic emotion that resonated profoundly within him. He wholeheartedly embraced the tenets of modern impressionism, casting aside preconceived objectives in favour of unrestrained emotional expression. This fervent commitment to the creative process endowed him with the ability to forge genuine, enduring connections with his audience.

Seb's artistry serves as an invitation to embark upon a shared expedition. His live sessions, immersive videos, and eloquent writings respond to a global yearning for authenticity and sincerity. His artworks have organically evolved into collaborative endeavours, where the aspirations of his audience harmoniously merge with his unique stylistic sensibilities. Each brushstroke eloquently encapsulates a shared narrative, intertwining into a tapestry of connection.

The selectiveness of limited edition prints ensures that each piece retains its inherent authenticity and rarity, culminating in cherished moments that resonate with a broader audience.

For those who draw inspiration from Seb's personal journey and visionary dreams, he extends a compelling invitation to embark on novel collaborative projects. By synergizing your ideas and inspirations with his artistic process, a new realm of distinctive creations comes to vibrant life.

Seb Gower's biography stands as an enduring testament to his unwavering commitment to invigorating life, cultivating profound connections, and weaving captivating narratives through his extraordinary artistic endeavours. 

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